Rosa’s Cafe Breakfast Hours 2024 | Full Menu with Prices

The Rosas cafe breakfast menu is likely to vary by location, but there’s a possibility that you’ll find the same dishes at all of their outlets with some new items in 2024. The Rosa’s Cafe Breakfast Hours for ordering and eating this meal will differ depending on where in town we’re talking about here some places have early opening times while others don’t start service until later morning time frames!

If you’re looking for a delicious breakfast, then the Rosas cafe is your best option. Rosa’s Cafe is a great place to start your day. The food here will set you up for success all throughout the rest of it!

Rosa’s Cafe Breakfast Hours

Rosa’s Cafe Breakfast Hours, Rosa’s Cafe has the best breakfast in town! They start serving customers at 6:30 am and don’t stop until 1 pm. If you’re looking for some good omelette or waffles, this is your place because they have it all including fruit cups that are sure to keep up positive energy throughout any morning mealtime.

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Following are the Rosa’s Cafe Breakfast Open and Close hours:

Rosa's Cafe Breakfast full menu
DaysRosa’s Cafe Breakfast HoursRosa’s Cafe Breakfast Hours
Monday06:30 am10:30 am
Tuesday06:30 am10:30 am
Wednesday06:30 am10:30 am
Thursday06:30 am10:30 am
Friday06:30 am10:30 am
Saturday06:30 am10:30 am
Sunday06:30 am10:30 am

Rosa’s Cafe Breakfast Time & Menu with Prices

Rosa’s Cafe is the perfect place to start your day. The staff and owners are always happy, there’ll be no shortage of coffee or orange juice as they whip up fresh batches each morning for those who come early enough!

Rosa’s Cafe offers the best in breakfast food and service. You can get everything from oatmeal to waffles, all made with care by our expert cooks who are dedicated solely for your enjoyment! Here is the Rosa’s breakfast menu with price.

Breakfast Bowls

Egg & potato bowl$4.19
Huevos rancheros bowl$4.19
Migas bowl$4.19
Ultimate bowl$4.19
Chorizo & egg bowl$4.19
Sausage & egg bowl$4.19
Bacon & egg bowl$4.19
Ham & egg bowl$4.19
Chile verde bowl$5.49

Rosa’s Cafe Breakfast Tacos / Breakfast Plates

Rosa’s breakfast tacos are best option to eat within $3.

  • Rosa's Cafe Breakfast Menu Prices
Chorizo & bean taco$1.89
Chorizo & egg taco$2.89  
Ham & egg taco$2.89  
Bacon & egg taco$2.89  
Sausage & egg taco$2.89  
Potato & egg taco$2.89  
Migas taco$2.89  
Chile verde taco$3.09
Ultimate breakfast taco egg, bacon, potato, pico de gallo, jalapeños, onion, & queso$3.09
Breakfast taco platter12 breakfast tacos (any style), salsa & pico de gallo$28.99
Tamales Chicken or porkQty 1: $2.99 Qty 3: $6.49

Breakfast Tacos & Tamales

Migas plate$4.79
Egg & potato plate$4.79
Huevos rancheros$4.79
Plate Ultimate plate$4.79
Chorizo & egg plate$4.79
Sausage & egg plate$4.79
Bacon & egg plate$4.79
Ham & egg plate$4.79
Chile verde plate$6.99

Breakfast Drinks

Orange juice$2.59
Milk Regular or chocolate$2.59


Does Rosa’s Cafe serve Breakfast all day?

You can get a good breakfast at Rosa’s Cafe, but they don’t serve it all day.

What Time did Rosa’s Breakfast Time Start?

The early birds who love to start their day with a hearty breakfast will be able do so at any one of the Rosa’s Cafe outlets as they serve up delicious breakfasts from 06:30 am on wards and stop only when it comes time for lunch.

What time does Rosa’s stop serving Breakfast?

The Rosa’s Cafe in town serves breakfast until 10:30 am.

What time does rosa’s close?

Rosa’s closes at 9:30 PM and at some locations at 10:00 PM.

What time does Rosa’s serve lunch?

Rosa’s lunch hours starts at 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM from Monday to Friday.

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